Our story

Who is AdyLShop?

AdyLShop is me, Audrey, or Ady, a 35-year-old French artist. AdyLShop is a combination of three areas that I particularly like: illustration, stationery and organization.

The story begins at the end of 2016 when I discovered by chance the principle of the Bullet Journal, an organization system made famous on social networks by creators who also use it as a means to express their creativity. I decide to get started and share my adventure on Instagram, under the handle @PlanWithAdy, where I publish photos and videos of the pages of my Bullet Journal.

A few years later, in 2019, the idea of opening an online store began to germinate in my mind. It was at the end of 2019 that I opened AdyLShop, on Etsy. I offer my little drawings in the form of stickers to decorate the pages of your Bullet Journal or your Planner, as well as sheets of more functional stickers to help you plan your daily life quickly and easily.

In 2022, AdyLShop has grown and moved to its own site: adylshop.com

I hope you will find your happiness on AdyLShop. Thank you for the support you give to the store with each of your visits and each of your orders.

Handmade by AdyLShop

Sticker sheets and all products in the shop are printed and created by AdyLShop (except for washi tapes, drawn by AdyLShop and produced by an external manufacturer). Drawings are from AdyLShop or other talented artists.

New products

We always try to regularly release new products in the shop for you to enjoy. All products are created according to our artist inspiration.

5000+ orders

Since the opening at the of 2019, AdyLShop shipped out more than 5000 orders worldwide. All orders are processed and packaged by Audrey, in her home studio.

Fast processing time

We know you're impatient to get your order :) All orders are processed and shipped out within 3 business days.
Owner of AdyLShop
    I take care of the shop in its entirety: design and creation of products, preparation and shipping of orders.
      Too cute four-legged companion. He checks that the human (Audrey) is doing her job well.